3 Weeks of Level 2 and 3 Dharma Yoga Classes

Sri Dharma Mittra's Hatha-Raja Yoga Sadhana Styled Classes for Level 2 and 3 Students,

Thursdays at 9am.

Please choose 3 weeks that you can commit to these 2 classes a week and connect with me to let me know when you’ll be attending.

In our sadhanas we quiet the mind, the ego, and allow the breath to guide the movement, relax into the flow and steadily open up the body. As the body becomes stronger, more balanced and flexible, the mind and emotions become stronger, better balanced and more pliable. One can sit for longer periods of time and explore deeper breath techniques, “yoga nidra” (a type of yogic sleep) and meditation.

About the certified teacher: With the big 50 approaching, instead of getting a new car, June Louks decided to give herself, body, mind and spirit, a tune-up. She started training one on one with local Yoga and Tai Chi Master Michael Manfredo. “My body was much different 3 ½ years ago. I carried stress in my body and worried about my teenagers. My neck was stiff and crackly (text neck anyone?) and having birthed 4 children, my mosaic stomach was very soft with digestion issues, even after running the Malibu Marathon. So much of this has healed and transformed through working with our local master yogi. He weekly took my husband and I beyond what we thought were our limitations. He showed us how to correct fundamental structural issues, like compressed vertebrae and a twisted pelvises, as well improve the quality of my breath, and most importantly, he taught us to cultivate a daily morning practice.” Now Louks, as a yoga teacher herself, is doing advanced poses she wishfully aspired to, but didn’t think her body would ever be strong enough or flexible enough to accomplish. "I sleep better, I’m more in tune with my body, and when my body is happy, I am happy. I'm currently completing my Advanced 500 Hour Certification from Sri Dharma Mitrra out of New York. Now it’s my turn to share this practice."

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Nikki White

1 years ago

I have had the pleasure of taking a few classes with June and in only 4 classes I have safely and happily achieved poses that I have not done in over 7 years! She is a calm, engaging, and incredibly encouraging teacher and this particular class has my body (especially my spine) feeling supple and strong. I cannot wait to continue practicing with her.

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