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How it works

How the Village Works          


How to make a Purchase/Create an Account   

In order to make a purchase you will need to create an account with our marketplace. You will also be given the option to make an account using your Facebook login if you wish.  During the creation of this account you will need to confirm your email address.

There are two ways to make an account. In the upper right corner of the screen is  a "Sign Up" link or if you go to any of the listings, select whichever option they have available (buy, contact, make appointment, etc.) this will prompt you to create an account. 

From there please follow the steps to make a purchase or connect with a vendor. 

How to become a Vendor

CREATE AN ACCOUNT: The first step to becoming a vendor is to create an account (please see paragraph above). 

CREATE YOUR PROFILE:  Adding a profile is not a requirement to make a listing, but your profile houses all of your listings in one place and is the main page where people will go to see your full story. Your listings should include descriptions of the product and/or service, your profile should include information about you. 
    After you have made an account you will see a circle in the upper right corner of the screen with your initials in it, hover the mouse over the circle and it will present several options to you; Inbox, Profile, and Settings. 
There are two ways to edit your profile. You can select Profile from those options and then select "Edit Profile" or you can select Settings and edit your profile under "Profile Info". 
    Please include a photo, bio, and any links to social media and/or websites.

CONNECT YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT: By connecting your paypal account with the marketplace our system will automatically take care of splitting the transaction (giving 10% to the school of your choice and putting the remaining % into your paypal account). 
    To connect your paypal account hover your mouse over the circle in the top right corner of the screen with your initials in it (or a photo now, if you've added one) and select "Settings". On the left side of the screen it will give you several options; Profile Info, Account, Notifications, and Payments. Select "Payments" and then follow the prompts to connect your paypal account.

CREATE A LISTING: Now that you have an account, a profile page, and a way to collect money, you need to tell us what you have to offer. In the upper right corner of the screen select "Post a Listing". Select a Category, then select a Listing Type. If there is NOT a category and/or Listing Type that your product or service falls under PLEASE contact us and tell us, we will add one(s) specifically for you!
    Proceed to fill in the required fields for your product or service.

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How to make your own Village (become a beneficiate organization)

Contact us at and let us know what organization you represent.